757 Down Over ABQ

I have no idea how to be a modern poet.  When I first decided I wanted to put my poetry “out there” (read: into the nebulous sea of the internet), I thought, “I’ll start a blog!”.  And after a few months, I realized, “No one really reads blogs anymore.  (Maybe it’s just poetry blogs… or poetry in general).”


So, I happened to stumble upon a vast poetry community on Instagram (read: accidentally clicked a button that showed me someone who just had poetry as their IG posts… #crushedit #fatfingers).  I then found a vast community of people… who write poetry.  Who read poetry.  A community of people like me who just want to share their art with the world, with whoever else wants to read it.


All that said… I still have no idea what I’m doing.  Hashtags?  Followers?  Pretty pictures + poetry?  Just poetry?  Consistency of posts?  Mixing my personal life + poetry?  *sigh and shrug*


So, here’s one I put in IG that I didn’t put here.  The perfectionist in me is having a panic attack at their not being parity between my social media outlets.  Shove it perfectionist.  Art is happening.


757 Down Over ABQ

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