uber diaries part 1

She was a larger beautiful African woman in a beige mini van.  And as we took the 35W South ramp to 94 West, someone in a red truck who was taking the 10th Ave exit to our right, decided they didn’t want to do that anymore, and veered to the left, directly in front of us, almost hitting us.


I was immediately angry at the truck-man.  “What an idiot.  Doesn’t even know where he’s going does he?  Stupid stupid man.”


My driver just started laughing.  A gentle and genuine laugh.  “Ho ho… that man didn’t know where he was going did he!?  Very funny.”


And with laughter, I was put in my place.  My “I’m in too much of a hurry for compassion” was gently led to a better place.  A place where I could laugh with my new friend about how I normally don’t laugh in these situations.


Ten minutes later, as we were pulling into the Loring Park roundabout, a woman started crossing the street right in front of us.  My driver slammed on the brakes, and slowed to let this audacious day-walker pass.  And the walker just kept eyeing us.  Saying, “You better stop, because I’m walking here.”


Again, I got angry.  “Why did you need to be like that?  Why the attitude?  Why the anger?  You stepped out into traffic…”


And again, my driver started chuckling and changed my perspective.  “What an odd woman!  Where I’m from, brakes don’t always work!  Hahaha!  I’m glad they did.  Silly woman.”

uber diaries part 1

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