be swept away today

Be swept away today

in the ever expansive and inclusive love

that is here and now

in the trees

in the wind and

in the grumpy neighbor across the street

Be swept away into love


Be swept away today

into strong and chaotic wildness

that loves in all places and


risks and

wanders with bare feet and a dirty face

Be swept away into wildness


Be swept away today into the wildness of love

be swept away today


As I carried the large

and heavy box labeled “kitchen glassware”

out of my friend’s apartment and

into the UHaul I paused

and stared over the highway, where

cars rushed past at sixty miles an hour, at

some sort of modern school-looking building

shiny and new and quiet

no cars in the parking lot

no bustle or movement in and out of its doors

just resting

relaxing and still

breathing slowly in and out

sighing almost

while I moved and bustled a bit more

than the building and

the cars on the highway bustled

much more than me and

millions of things and people around

the world bustled at varying levels

in between us all:

the building, me, the cars


for that moment

all I wanted to do was

pull up a chair next to the building

grab a scotch or maybe some

sleepytime tea and

rest and sigh and watch

the cars bustle by and the

man across the highway bustle

to fill his friend’s UHaul and help her move

all with my new friend

the building



meta election day

I stood in a total of seven

distinct lines today at seven am

at the local park’s community center

as I waited my turn to

participate in democracy and

cast my presidential vote

(along with my fifty-sixth district court judge vote,

running unopposed,

and my incumbent state senator vote,

running against an unknown

“Marijuana Party Now” candidate)


The wild turkeys that roam

the neighborhood stopped by

for a quick visit to

wish us all luck

but mostly to remind us,


as turkeys are want to do,

how lucky we are

to be free and unhunted

for who we choose to vote for

meta election day